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Paper Animal RPG is currently live on 🚀Kickstarter🚀! You can support the project there and score exclusive rewards and merchandise for PC and all major consoles!

Current Version:

Kickstarter Demo V1.1.5

A RPG roguelike where you can explore a colorful world, fight scary enemies, and relax with your friends at the campfire!
In this cute animal RPG, inspired by the likes of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon & Paper Mario, explore dungeons, make friends, unlock achievements, and more.

  • Up: Arrow key up
  • Down: Arrow key down
  • Left: Arrow key left
  • Right: Arrow key right
  • Confirm / Tackle: Alpha 1
  • Decline / Skill: Alpha 2
  • Extra / Run: Alpha 3
  • Don't Move: Caps
  • Switch heroes: Spacebar
  • View map: Tab
  • Pause: Escape

In menus you can also use Return and the Spacebar to confirm, and Backspace and Escape to decline.






Press Kit

Developed by Cuddling Raccoons Studio and published by Top Hat Studios

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Action
Made withUnity
TagsCute, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
LinksKickstarter, Homepage, Twitter, Steam


Paper Animal RPG - Kickstarter Demo V1.1.5 114 MB


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I have an issue installing this with the itch.io desktop app.



Wow! I just played my first run so I could get a feel of the game before I back the game on kickstater (def not my last run) and it is great. It's an amazing way of combat, turning a turn based system into a real time action fight. I can't wait to see the limits of difficulty you put on this combat in later stages. Only complaint/minor inconvenience is the movement is a solid 6/10 comparaded to the rest of the game which I think is a 8-9/10. It just isn't streamlined, I found myself accidentally moving the wrong ways a number of times. the grid movement is nice but it loses the ease of movement that standard birds-eye view games have, i'd try to work on finding a way to streamline the grid system or allow the player to moving in full 360 degree fashion and have the warning time for the incoming attacks become a little faster to mkae the player use the movement or increased complexatity of the attack patterens. But other than that you've nailed it, Love the music, the art, to combat, the little audieance at the bottom of the screen, the characters popping up to spew dialog. It's fantasic, backing this game 100%


I've been playing alot more lately and boy is it fun :D
Although I feel 1 major element is missing from this, the emotional connection. I love the art style and the characters but I feel like you should have the little msgs from your character apper in more scenarios to allow a better connection to this characters. Not to much to the point where it's annoying but just some small msgs, 1-2 times per stage to fill out each characters personality. I'd also include more "side quests" like the dino or the raccon, not more (although I wouldn't be against it) I just feel like having these apper more often in a run would help flesh out the world, give you a more personal connection. This is all just minor things, I love the game. I've been playing it more than any other game I have recently I just wanted to give you some feedback on things. Keep up the amazing work, you're doing great :D


Also sorry if im pushing ideas that might be pressuring or things you are already going to implement


Made a video


Thank you so much you two, I hope you had a fun time with it!!🥰


Loved it and really looking forward to playing the full game one of these days


It's stylistically Paper Mario, but plays like an Action RPG version of Mystery Dungeon. Great little title with a lot of personality and a lot more content than the rather short demo will show you in one sitting. Looking forward to the full release! 

Omg I absolutely love the thumbnail🤣🤣 

The editing was also top notch and made me laugh many times, thank you very much for the video!!😊


This game is really charming! It really captures the same feel of Paper Mario while still being it's own thing. I love how the combat allows the player to keep moving and give the player the ability to customise the loadout and stats of the different characters. From what the demo has shown, I really enjoyed and loved everything about it. I hope more people will support this game!

Thank you very much for making a video, I'm glad that you enjoyed the game!!🥰🥰


I loved this game, I'm a new YouTuber but I made a video that I hope brings people to your game.

I'm very glad that you liked it!🥰

Also thank you very much for making a video about it!!😊


This is fun to play. Cute and colorful pixel art. Gameplay mechanic is easy to understand.

Oh thank you so much for making a video!!🥰 Also I'm super glad that you enjoyed it!!:D